imgChrisMoraes Christopher Moraes, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Canada Research Chair in Advanced Cellular Microenvironments
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Associate member, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering; Goodman Cancer Research Center

E:  chris.moraes <at>  Office: Wong 4330
Chris Moraes is a hybrid engineer: he trained in nanoengineering (B.A.Sc.), and switched into mechanical and biomedical engineering (Ph.D, U. Toronto) before holding a Banting / NSERC postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan’s Biointerfaces Institute.  His research interests lie at the interface between engineering, biology and medicine, and he is particularly curious about the role microenvironmental biomechanical forces play in driving disease and development. Recent honours include the NSERC Howard Alper postdoctoral prize, and the Leyerle-CIFAR prize for interdisciplinary research.


Lucas Fagundes, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
Lucas is a biomedical scientist with master’s degree in Health Sciences, obtained  in his homeland, Brazil. As a PhD student (2013-2018) obtained in INRS-IAF with Cathy Vaillancourt,  the main focus of his research was on the modulation of autophagy, inflammation and cell death of placental villous trophoblasts exposed to challenging conditions. His interests are in understanding (and reconstructing!) the maternal-fetal interface at various developmental stages. In his spare time Lucas plays capoeira, swims and hangs out with his young family.
Camille Cassel de Camps, M.Eng. candidate
Interested in brainy stuff? So’s Camille! Camille’s undergraduate degree is in Neuroscience from the University of King’s College/Dalhousie University in Halifax. Here, she is working on growing mini-brains for her Masters project in the Biological & Biomedical Engineering (BBME) program. From Toronto, she loves food, travel and learning languages, and entertains various artistic pursuits and appreciations. When not in the lab, you can find her at the gym or on the salsa dance floor.
Carley Ort, Ph.D. candidate
To introduce Carley in one word: enthusiastic. She finished her undergraduate degree in medical science at the University of Western Ontario and continued on to discover the fun in engineering with a Masters degree. She is currently studying the mechanics within a breast tissue model and hopes to shed some new light on breast cancer. Carley is also an environmental enthusiast who loves to travel, hoping to one day cross countries off of her list such as Nepal, Tanzania, and Bolivia… Oh, and she thinks Antarctica would be an amazing place to visit too! If you are ever walking a puppy and run into Carley on the street, be prepared for her to excitedly ask you if she can pet it.
imggabebrewer Gabrielle Brewer, Ph.D. candidate
Gabe is a Ph.D student in the department of Biochemistry under the co-supervision of Dr. Morag Park. She is originally from Waterloo, Ontario and previously obtained her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at McGill University. Gabe’s current research involves modelling tumour epithelial-stromal cell interactions for the purpose of identifying key interactions that enhance tumour cell proliferation and invasiveness. Outside of the lab, Gabe enjoys hiking, cooking, travelling, running, and drinking tea.

Nicholas Lin, Ph.D. Candidate
Nick obtained his undergraduate engineering degree in Chemical Engineering at McGill University. He went on to investigate antibacterial surfaces for his Masters thesis. Now a Ph.D. candidate, he is co-supervised by Prof. Moraes and Prof. Nathalie Tufenkji. By day, his research focuses on cellular interactions with engineered surfaces. By night, Nick pursues quirky entrepreneurial ventures and draws science-themed comics – check out @LabStruggles on instagram!
imgNikKalashnikov Nikita Kalashnikov, M.Eng. candidate
Nik has been all over the world: of Russian descent, he was born in Israel and raised in Montreal. He is now studying chemical engineering at McGill and is pursuing a biomedical engineering minor. He is working on developing a simple and easy-to-use technique to measure mechanical properties of cells, and designing smart material scaffolds for tissue engineering. When Nik is not busy, he is at the gym lifting weights, running laps and doing some heavy bag work.
Prabu Karthick Parameshwar, Ph.D. candidate
Karthick is a Doctoral student in the Inter-faculty Biological and Biomedical Engineering Programme (BBME). Originally from Chennai (TN, India) and Toronto (ON, Canada), he obtained his Bachelors degree from the University of Toronto (BASc in Engineering Science – Biomedical Systems Engineering) and is currently looking forward to exploring microfluidic approaches to study reproductive systems biology. If any spare time arises, Karthick likes to explore new food recipes, play the drums, and learn more Tamil, Hindi and French.
imgRayTran  Ray Tran, Ph.D. candidate
Ray is originally from Toronto, Ontario and he obtained his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is currently pursuing a Master of under the co-supervision of Prof. C. Hoesli and Prof. C. Moraes. His research is involves understanding and optimizing the differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells into functional insulin-secreting beta cells with regards to different substrates, soluble signals and culture dimensionality. Outside of the lab, Ray enjoys cooking, watching movies, and exercising.
imgSonya Sonya Kouthouridis, M.Eng. Candidate
Sonya is a Master’s chemical engineering student and a Montreal native. She is studying the effects of micropatterned surfaces on the chemotherapeutic resistance of cancer cells. Outside the lab, Sonya enjoys cooking, watching movies and doing yoga.
imgStephanieMok Stephanie Mok, Ph.D. candidate
Stephanie comes to us from the University of Western Ontario to pursue a PhD in chemical engineering, a rather dramatic shift from her days studying the basic medical sciences. She holds a Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree specializing in pathology and toxicology, as well as a Masters of Science in pathology. She’s excited to dabble in single-cell models to better understand how changes to their microenvironment can lead to the development of disease. Her current hobbies and interests include rock climbing, bicycling, video gaming and reading.
WontaeLee_site  Wontae Lee, Ph.D. Candidate
Wontae is an (almost) fully assimilated Korean-Canadian from mostly Ontario – latest location: Toronto. Presently, she is working in Chemical Engineering (co-supervised by Richard Leask), studying the relationship between cell-generated forces and functional tissue activity via engineered mechanosensors.  Outside of the lab, Wontae enjoys a mishmash of sports, film (both the cinema and photography variety), and eating hamburgers and ice cream (but not together, because ew). Her favourite joke: What’s red and bad for your teeth? A brick!
Andre Lee, CHEE 495 undergraduate RA
A chemical engineer that is entering U3 undergrad at McGill. Born in Taiwan and raised in Vancouver. His hobbies include basketball, snowboarding and pretty much anything outdoors.
Pooja Patel, SURE / CHEE495 undergraduate RA
I’m an Undergraduate Student in Chemical Engineering at McGill University. Born and raised in Montreal and always living with my family! Whenever I get the chance, I enjoy improving my painting and drawing skills. I also love a goofy thriller novel every now and then.
Vickie Chen, CHEE 495 undergraduate RA
Vickie is an undergraduate student in Chemical Engineering at McGill and is originally from Beijing, China. She is currently developing micro-engineered smart materials that are mechanically tunable to better understand the interactions between cells and the extra-cellular matrix. Outside of school and lab, Vickie is a big foodie, a gym enthusiast and a wannabe world traveller and photographer.

If you’re interested in taking a strong multidisciplinary approach towards integrating microtechnologies, engineering and medicine, please consider joining our team.

Graduate and Postdoctoral alumni

2016-2018:  Arvind Chandrasekaran, Ph.D., P.Eng.,Postdoctoral scholar.
Currently: Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina A&T (Lab homepage)
2016-2018:  Lisa Zhao, M.Eng. (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
2016-2018:  Zhenwei Ma, M.Eng.(Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
2015-2018:  Sanya Siddiqui, M.Eng. (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
2015-2017:  Raymond Tran, M.Eng. (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)
2014-2016: Avital Horowitz, M.Eng. (Dept. of Chemical Engineering)

Undergraduate alumni

2016-2018: Sarah Dubois, NSERC USRA / CHEE 495 undergraduate RA
2018: Stephanie Wu, CHEE 495 undergraduate RA
2017-2018: Rachel Mot, NSERC USRA / CHEE 495 undergraduate RA
2016-2018: Erica Neuber, CHEE 495 undergraduate RA
2018: Kimberley Desrochers, CHEE 495 undergraduate RA
2018: Seyedhossein Jafarzadeh, Honors Biology Thesis student
2018 (Summer):  Yanqing Liu , SURE Undergraduate student, CHEE McGill
2018 (Summer): Samantha Lapin, CHEE 494 undergraduate RA
2018 (summer): Punithan Thiagalingam, SURE undergraduate student, U. Waterloo
2017-2018: Sarah Ezzeddine, CHEE McGill
2018 (Winter): Kirk Dias, CHEE McGill
2017 (summer, fall):  Erica Neuber, EUL undergraduate RA, CHEE 494 student
2017 (summer): Vickie Chen, SURE undergraduate RA
2017 (summer): Chalani Ranasinghe, Honors Biology Thesis RA
2016-2017: Charles Ledoux, CHEE McGill
2017 (winter): Kevin Qiu, CHEE McGill
2015-2017:  Sonya Kouthouridis, CHEE McGill
2016 (fall):   Kathryn Ciu Leci, CHEE McGill
2016 (summer): Xavier Wong, CHEE McGill
2016 (summer):  Patricia Sosa, MITACS GlobalLink Intern
2016 (summer): Caroline Fournier, Summer intern
2015-2016:  Andrea Saliba, CHEE McGill
2015-2016: Camilla Jiang, CHEE McGill
2016 (Winter):  Sabrina Clarke, CHEE McGill
2015-2016: Katie MacDonald, NSERC USRA, CHEE McGill
2015 (Summer):  Celestine Hong, NSERC USRA, CHEE McGill
2015 (Summer):  David Chondon, NSERC USRA, CHEE McGill,
2015 (Summer):  Jessica Golo Vaz De Lima, Undergraduate Exchange RA, Science without Borders
2015 (Summer):  Jessica Ronci, MECH, McGill